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The Kibera Story

Do you know Kibera?

It's the largest urban slum in Africa. Not exactly the ideal place for a kid to develop new skills and learn. In fact, there are no public schools in Kibera, though some are run by community members and NGOs.

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But you can google all of that and feel sorry for the kids living there. Or you can keep reading and discover Leonard's story..

I first learnt about Leonard's after-school programme to teach the kids of Kibera how to code after having listened to a podcast where he was talking about it. I was like: "I need to get in touch with this guy! What he is doing is amaaazing!". And so I did. On LinkedIn.

But what is he actually doing?

Well, like I said, he is teaching the kids there how to code. But it's more than that:

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And now what? You just read an inspiring story.

Whilst I should not be the one telling you how you should feel, you have a few options:

1 Feel guilty. If you live in the so called "first world" you might feel like if Leonard and the kids can learn how to code, there is not reason why you should not be able to!

2 Feel inspired. Yes! I was also like ... WOOOOOW this guy is doing some important work!

3 Feel nothing. After all, unless you grew up in the slums of Kibera yourself, you might not feel like there is a connection between your life and your feelings and theirs.

4 Feel sorry. Look at the photos below and you will see a bunch or poor African kids trying to learn something they love.

Or you can feel a mixture of the 4. Which is what I felt.

You can send Leonard and the kids a hug like I did. A learning hug.

Watoto Coding's website

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